Medica Cricket League (MCL) 2020

The Medica Cricket League (MCL) continues in 2020, with the proud hosts being Medica Siliguri (Runners up 2019) this time. Medica Ranchi retained the Cup last year too, and will surely look forward to scoring a hat trick of sorts.

Witnessing the tournament gives a first-hand feel of how exciting and tense the matches can get, with off the boundary line frenzy in no way less than the heart-thumping performances on the pitch!

The dates are 6th to 9th February 2020. The participating teams will be arriving from different Medica locations like Kolkata, Patna, Jamshedpur, Kalinganagar, Burdwan, Ranchi.

The venue for the matches is BSF Kadamtala Stadium.

Below are the Group Divisions:

Medica Ranchi Medica Siliguri Medica Pharmacy
Medica Kol 2 Medica Jamshedpur Medica Kalinganagar
Medica Patna Medica Burdwan Medica Kol 1

Watch this space for match results.

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