Could That Joint Pain Be Arthritis?

Mrs Rita Sen, ‘Rita Miss’ to hundreds of her students who still remember her as their ramrod straight, elegant teacher of English who was much respected and loved. Now touching 84, the elderly lady has to walk with support, as her movement has become painful owing to arthritis.


Childhood Obesity

Kavita, like almost every mother, expressed her love for Kavya, her 8 year old daughter in the form of food. Slowly, the junk food that started as occasional treats, became a part of her daily diet.


Seasonal Allergies in Kids: A Guide to Keeping Symptoms in Check

Every spring, five-year-old Neha develops a runny nose, itchy, puffy eyes, and attacks of sneezing. Her mother shares the same problem, which she dismisses as mild hay fever. Lately, Neha has also suffered attacks of wheezing when she visited her …


Lactose Intolerance in Children: Parent FAQs

Anushka struggles every day to convince her five-year-old daughter, Ankita, to finish her glass of milk, often forcing her to gulp it down. The struggle reached a peak last Wednesday evening about an hour after the child finished her glass …


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